29 January 2009

Happy Birthday Mac!

Last Saturday marked the 25th anniversary of the first Mac, ushered in by that famous Super Bowl commercial. I've only been a Mac user for the past year and a half (or a mere 6% of the lifetime of the Mac). But at risk of sounding like a total fanboy, I haven't enjoyed owning a computer this much since my Commodore 64. If you want to wallow in fandom like me, MacWorld has some bite-sized features covering the history of the Mac over at its website. Anyone else remember Shufflepuck Cafe?



Blogger Beau said...

I remember playing some surgery game at Rog's house. Very carefully, you'd have to pull the spleen back in order to get at some other inner organ.

I don't ever remember getting very far.

2/03/2009 5:36 PM

Blogger Mark said...

I remember that game too! And I also don't remember getting very far. I think I also remember some sort of horrible animation when your patient dies on the operating table (which happened a lot).

2/08/2009 10:27 PM


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