14 January 2009

Crank fiends stole my medicine

As an allergy sufferer, I've been a long-time fan of Sudafed. It's one of the few things that actually helps alleviate my symptoms without incapacitating me. Now as you probably know, the main ingredient in Sudafed and its generic analogues is pseudoephedrine, which can be used as a precursor in the synthesis of methamphetamine. Because of this, pseudoephedrine-containing drugs have been slowly getting harder and harder to obtain. Nowadays (at least here in Vermont) you can only buy them from a pharmacist (although you don't need a prescription).

I came down with a cold this week, and since it was mostly hovering around my head, I decided I would try to combat it in part with Sudafed. We'd run out, so Anne graciously went to the store the other night to stock up on medicine. Unfortunately, our local supermarket doesn't have a pharmacy, and our local pharmacy keep bankers hours. The best she could find was something called Sudafed PE, which had some non-meth producing antihistamine. It didn't do a damn thing.

Because getting lots of sleep is really the best way to fight a cold, NyQuil is another drug in my cold-fighting arsenal, and luckily Anne had also picked up a fresh bottle of it. I've been hitting the Quil every night this week, and I'm already feeling better. Typically when I have a cold, it only lasts a few days. As long as some redneck chemist doesn't figure out how to convert NyQuil into a controlled substance in the bathtub of his trailer, I'm hoping it stays that way.

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Blogger Beau said...

I hope you feel better.

I ran into a similar issue in California a few years ago.

Damn home chemists!

1/17/2009 3:58 PM

Anonymous chloe said...

Have you tried Zyrtec? We buy the generic version, Allertec, from Costco. Before Allertec, the only thing that worked for me was Sudafed, but I didn't like the idea of having to always sign my name in a log every time I picked up a package. Call me crazy, but when do they decide someone's purchased too much and what do they do to those people?

1/20/2009 7:22 PM


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