07 September 2007

Editorializing at NPR?

I woke up to this alarming headline as the top story on Morning Edition at npr.org:

Iraq Strategy Shits as Warring Factions Fail to Unite

In the time it took me to write this post, it was fixed to read "Iraq Strategy Shifts as Warring Factions ..." (emphasis added). I have to wonder: human error, or a not-so-subtle jab at the Bush administration's policy in Iraq?

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05 September 2007

First day of school

After months of anticipation, I finally had my first day of classes today. Or should I say "first day of class," because I just had one lecture. It was ecology, at the bright and early hour of 8:00. Luckily my students seem like an attentive and engaged bunch. I hope that can last for a little while until sleep deprivation catches up with them (and me!). I'll confess to a little case of nerves before class, but I just reminded myself that being a college professor is what I want to do with my life, and I'm happy that I'm finally able to do it. I've got tomorrow off, then two classes on Thursday. Wish me luck!


02 September 2007

The Vermont State Fair

Matt, Cascade, and Caden came to visit this weekend, and we participated in one of those obligatory institutions of rural life: attending the state fair. Because Vermont is a farming state, the farm-related exhibits were much more conspicuous than at, for example, the Nevada state fair, where the midway rides seem to take precedence. Not that this fair didn't have a midway, where we were all able to point out the specific rides each of us had gotten sick on when we were younger.

Some of the other highlights included sheds full of dairy cattle -- including an adorable calf that had been born the opening day of the fair, pig races, lessons in composting, and tractors for sale. The "Fish & Game" hall included an exhibit from a trapper that had a bunch of pelts, including three from fishers. We also enjoyed looking at the prize-winning vegetables, artwork, quilts, etc. I think I might try to enter a photo in next year's contest. Caden particularly enjoyed the noisy midway rides and the petting zoo. And of course, what visit to the state fair would be complete without tucking into a big slab of fried dough?

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