08 March 2008

DC and Ballmer

We had an early spring break this year, and Anne and I took advantage of it to flee the snow and visit some friends in DC and Baltimore. Neither of us had been to DC since we were teenagers, and we'd never been to Baltimore. We spent a couple days with our friend Adam in Adams Point (no relation). It was a fun time. We walked a lot, went to a bunch of museums and monuments, and ate a lot of ethnic food, including some great Ethiopian food. One of the highlights (at least for me) was the Hall of Mammals at the natural history museum. I was happy to see a stuffed fisher in one of the dioramas. Like every other fisher I've seen in a museum, it was hungrily eyeing a porcupine.

After a couple days in the District, we headed up to Baltimore to spend a couple days with Steve and Margaret. I knew next to nothing about Baltimore except a few things Steve had told me and what I'd seen on the Wire. It was a pretty cool city, and it reminded Anne and I of Oakland. The Baltimore highlight was the American Visionary Art Museum, which is a collection of outsider art. It was really cool. The other highlight was the spicy Vietnamese soup that Steve and Margaret made for us. It was damn good, and it inspired us to buy big bowls for pho and those wide and flat spoons that I'm sure have a special name, but I don't know it.

It was cool being able to visit a couple cities that seemed far away and exotic just a year ago, but are now only an hour-long flight away. I'll leave you with a video that Adam recorded in support of our favorite presidential candidate. He's hoping for it to go viral, and I'm happy to do everything I can to help.

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