28 December 2008

Embracing the holiday downtime

So with the semester over and the holiday season upon us, I decided to revisit the ol' blog. It looks like my last post consisted of my indelicately comparing Sarah Palin to Fluff. Oh, what naive days those were.

I seem to have a binge and purge pattern with this blog. I'll write a fair amount when school isn't in session, then gradually taper off and disappear for half or more of the semester. I thought this fall would be different. But it wasn't. So I hereby decree (because a statement like this needs the weight of a decree) that if I fall off the blogging wagon again this spring, I will shut down this blog for good. There's no point in my taking up space in your RSS feed reader with my silent blog, for those of you still reading.

To avoid the fate of losing my one creative outlet (yes, I also need some more hobbies), I plan on banking some posts during the break. All of you suckers in the real world will surely be jealous to hear that we don't start classes until Jan. 20. Not that I will be able to get away without working at all until the 20th, but I should have a bit more time to write a few posts in advance, especially in the long-promised series on how Anne and I are adapting to life in Vermont.

Hopefully this won't be the last post you read until June!