21 February 2007

The trashiest show you're not watching

Clear your calendar for tonight at nine and plant yourself in front of a TV tuned to the CW, because One Tree Hill is on. The last few weeks, Anne and I have gotten seriously (and a little sheepishly) sucked into this show. We're both suckers for teen soaps, so we've intermittently watched it since it came on the air a couple years ago. Now, with the Beauty and the Geek lead-in, we've become regulars. You know the cliche about how some shows are so bad, they're good? Well, if you like teen soap cliches, you'll love this one. Imagine the bastard love child of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place fostered by Dawson's Creek. If you've not seen this show, you're seriously missing out.

In the first episode we saw during this recent phase, a pregnant girl got hit by a car leading to a chain of events that saw the driver beaten to death and the killer's father taking the blame. Meanwhile, just down the street, Lucas, this show's Dawson, collapsed from a heart condition and entered a dream world where his mom's dead boyfriend showed him the scene of a murder that we're being led to believe was committed by the guy who took the blame for the beating death of the drunk driver I mentioned earlier. This same murderer happens to be Lucas' dad, but refused to acknowledge him for many years. Follow all that? Well, there's no need to. Just watch and get sucked into the wild mix of over-the-top melodrama and angst-wracked, teen soliloquizing. All of the teenage characters are played by actors who are about 25, none of them seems to live at home, and the villains and heroes are painted with as broad a brush as possible. Oh, and one of the female leads is an avid record collector, which is HOTTT!

I can't say if we'll continue watching it after this week's final episode of B&TG (although America's Next Top Model fans take note -- when your favorite cat-fight comes back, it airs right before OTH), but we're enjoying it while it lasts. And if I still haven't convinced you, here are three words that describe the final moments of last week's episode: "Sex tape revelation." Enjoy!


16 February 2007

Once More With Feeling

Warning: for my first post in a couple weeks, I'll be channeling my inner geek. You've been warned.

We don't often get out on weeknights these days, but last night the Parkway had a Buffy mini-marathon, so we had to go. This was the second or third of the Parkway's monthly Joss Whedon nights, and the first we'd been able to make it to. They showed "Once More with Feeling," "Tabula Rasa," and "Hush." (And if that means anything to you, then you would have fit right in.)

It was of a lot of fun to see Buffy in a larger than life format, especially in a crowded theater. But it was also an interesting cultural experience because the Buffy-night really brought out the geeks. When the opening credits of the first episode rolled, Anne leaned over to me and whispered "I feel like I belong!" There was a huge crowd when we arrived an hour before it started, and we were actually worried we weren't going to get in. The show had sold out about 15 minutes before we got there, and some people had gotten in line over 2 hours earlier. Luckily, they managed to find room for us and maybe 20 more people. We were in a row of chairs up against the back of the theater, and we had to use a box that Anne found in a hallway to hold our pizza and beer, but at least we got in.

Here are some highlights, mainly for my Buffy-geek readers:

Everyone hissing when Michelle Trachtenberg showed up during the opening credits.

During Anya's solo about bunnies, someone pelted members of the audience with stuffed rabbits. It was a little Rocky Horror, but I can't complain because we came away with a nice, plush Peter Rabbit.

The scene in "Hush" where Giles uses transparencies to describe how they're going to deal with the Gentlemen. I think it's my favorite scene in all of Buffy.

The guy in the Sunnydale High shirt standing next to me in the food line casually telling a friend that he'd "come with two Willows."

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